Turkish bank honors, mocks Obama in ads

It's good to hear that sheep-slaughtering villagers aren't the only Turks inspired by President Obama. In the weeks leading up to his much-heralded visit to Turkey, a major bank has been using Obama's image to gain buzz for something called "interest-supported credit." NPR's Bob Mondelo reports that posters like the one shown here have saturated Turkish cities, and there's even a TV spot in which a San Fransisco-born impersonator bemoans the fact that America doesn't have deals like those at Turkey's Garanti Bank. The ads don't flat-out insult the president, but they do seem to take a few jabs at the American economy. Still, it's hard to hold a grudge against a nation that has also honored our leader with one of the greatest gifts in modern international diplomacy: Baracklava.

—Posted by David Griner