TurboTax’s Creepy-Cute Horror Ads Take Weird Turns Halfway Through

But don't be scared, says W+K campaign

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While Wieden + Kennedy is rethinking DTF for OkCupid, the agency’s new campaign for TurboTax is more WTF.

The Intuit-owned tax software brand has rolled out four spots, including one for the Hispanic market, featuring creepy horror scenarios which emphasize that not everything—taxes, for example—is as scary as it seems. The campaign is called “There’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of,” and is one of two new TurboTax campaigns launching this month.

We begin with a :60 called “Closet,” in which a woman cowers in her home from an attacker, who turns out to be more diminutive than we had first assumed. His next moves, though, are disturbing enough that maybe the woman was right to flee to fear.

Two :30s extend the theme into an attic and the woods, respectively, featuring a ghost and a monster who explain—after a creepy opening scene—that things aren’t as frightening as they seem. “The Noise in the Attic” is especially fun, perhaps the best of the series.

A fourth spot, in Spanish, explores the legend of the Chupacabra, a mysterious creature that supposedly attacks and drinks the blood of livestock, especially goats. The legend is particularly resonant in Puerto Rico.

Two more spots are expected to break later this month as part of the “There’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of” campaign. The new spots follow a similar execution released a year ago at this time, which starred Kathy Bates as a homeowner who asks TurboTax whether she can claim as dependents a bunch of freaky ghost children who are living in the house she just bought. See that spot below.

Horror has been a fruitful genre for advertisers lately, including the wonderful horror shorts that Mars candy brands did with Fox this past Halloween.

Meanwhile, TurboTax is also preparing to launch a second campaign, also via W+K, themed “Hey, At Least Your Taxes Are Free.” Comedic spots breaking this weekend show the bright side of situations that don’t quite go as intended, suggesting there’s a silver lining to every situation. The ads will highlight TurboTax Absolute Zero, the nation’s first and highest-rated free tax software.

“We have been on a multi-year mission to dispel fear and uncertainty that causes people to doubt they can prepare their own tax return,” said Greg Johnson, svp of marketing for Intuit’s TurboTax business. “As we continue to instill confidence in consumers, now more than ever before, TurboTax can serve a broad range of taxpayers. That’s why this year we are out with multiple campaigns highlighting different products and offerings that reach Americans at a variety of life stages and tax complexities.”

The 2018 campaign was created in partnership with multicultural agency Gallegos United.

Client: TurboTax

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Creative Directors: Micah Walker, Tim Roan
Copywriter: Bertie Scrase
Art Director: Christen Brestrup
Integrated Production
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@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.