Tumblr Devoted to Advertising Erotica Takes All Comers

Submit your steamy agency stories today

Sometimes a cultural event comes along that affects us all so deeply that we have no choice but to parody the crap the out of it. Such is the case with the BDSM-themed erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes, that creepy book your mom is reading that, swinging off Edward Cullen's nuts, has been turned into an advertising-themed Tumblr, Fifty Shades of Grey Advertising, full of hilarious parallels between advertising and, well, S&M. The creator admits, "I discovered I was a submissive when I joined my first ad agency," then backs it up with titillating tales of press releases, brainstorms and headline stuffing. Fifty Shades of Grey Advertising is not affiliated in any way with Grey Advertising, but if anyone there would like to submit (ha!) their erotically charged advertising parodies, this Tumblr is happy to take it from any and all strangers.