Try to keep your pants on, Bluefly

Maybe it’s me, but I just don’t get the fuss about these so-called “steamy” ads from fashion Web site Bluefly. In the latest spot, two co-workers share a bite after work. Yes, they wind up at his place. Yes, there’s a shower scene. And sure, we see the guy’s washboard abs, and at one point she drops her towel. Most likely, they’re brainstorming—preparing a sales report for a meeting the next day. That’s my theory. Because their choreographed sexuality and too-sculpted Calvin Klein physiques generate about as much heat as refrozen Sterno. Last year, the client’s ads depicted nudity in public places, like subway platforms. Hey, I’ve seen much wilder stuff on the Green Line in Boston, like a faceless guy named Charlie doomed to ride forever on the MTA. If I seem to be getting silly and a bit off point, the same can be said for Bluefly’s ads. Next campaign, maybe the models can keep their clothes on. Now that would be novel and unexpected.

—Posted by David Gianatasio