The truth is out there, out in New Mexico

Let’s beam down a sense of humor to New Mexico. The state’s tourism campaign, which we wrote about back in April, and which features drooling reptile-alien office workers, has drawn belated fire for potentially frightening and confusing visitors. “New Mexico has a lot to offer—we don’t need to bring our standards down,” says Ken Mompellier, director of the convention and visitors bureau in Las Cruces, which refuses to use the M&C Saatchi ads to boost local tourism. Ah, Las Cruces. I’ve only imagined the rampaging scorpions and busted air conditioners, but this guy is living the dream. The ads seem apt, especially since former governor Bill Richardson promised to reopen the investigation into the famous 1947 Roswell UFO incident if he’s elected president. But maybe some residents of New Mexico don’t want those files unsealed and the nation’s attention focused on invaders from another world—eh, Mompellier the Galactic Scourge? I mean, Mr. Mompellier?

—Posted by David Gianatasio