Truly frightening Halloween costumes

Paris_3Halloween was so much less scary when people got themselves up as witches and ghouls. Nowadays, celebrity culture intrudes on the holiday, and lots of people (especially the semi-grownup revelers) go tricking or treating in the guise of pop-culture icons. Which celebs will get the most play this year? In a poll conducted at shopping malls for The Macerich Co. by August Partners, participants put Paris Hilton atop the list of “celebrity costume inspirations,” with 17 percent of the vote. Also scoring in double digits were Michael Jackson (16 percent), Jessica Simpson (13 percent) and the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes duo (11 percent). Perhaps the numbers indicate that Ms. Hilton is finally starting to get the respect she deserves. She is, after all, America’s hardest working heiress. Would you toil as tirelessly as she does—on TV shows, movies, commercials and heaven knows what else—if you’d inherited a fortune and could simply sit back and spend it? Nice to know the Protestant work ethic is alive and well, even if it’s clad in a skimpy swimsuit and stiletto heels.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver

Photo: Fox