Troy-Bilt ad’s song belongs on compost pile

What do Cleveland agency Marcus Thomas and yard-equipment maker Troy-Bilt have against mankind? That was my initial reaction when I heard "Shinin' Down," the song by L.A.-based tunesmith Austin Hartley-Leonard composed and recorded for the TV spot above, which began breaking in March. Apparently, a full-length version of the song (two-minutes-plus!) has been made available on iTunes, apparently after hordes of people were asking about it, according to the agency. I'm sorry, but that cannot be true! It sounds like a lost Cat Stevens song that shouldn't have been found. Alas, as with all jingles I rail against here on AdFreak, I'll now have the jangly piece of musical mulch wedged in my skull for the rest of the day! I'd call Troy-Bilt and complain, but that would just add insult to injury. "Shinin' Down" also happens to be the soundtrack for the company's phone system.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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