‘Tron Legacy’ marketing fun starts, bit by bit

The ARG marketing shenanigans are heating up for Tron Legacy. A few weeks back, fans who signed up at FlynnLives.com started receiving little 3-D models in the mail of the character Bit, which followed Jeff Bridges around in the original Tron and changed shape to say yes or no, its only form of communication. The package also pointed to a site where a bit clock was counting down. So, we waited. Then, on Feb. 24, the countdown ended, and fans were asked to drop by select arcades in 25 cities, find the person wearing a "Flynn Lives" T-shirt, and tell them a secret password in return for a code that activated their city over at FlynnLives.com. Cities quickly came online, unlocking images of Tron Legacy and ultimately, dates for a special screening of a two-minute clip. Here's a full account by a Parisian operative. All this was put together by 42 Entertainment, whose name has already become synonymous with ARG. Since the movie is set to open in December, I'm sure they have lots more Tron-sense awaiting loyal fans, like the lightcycle reveal at the 2009 Comic-Con that caused all the hard-core Tron-sters to squee. But considering that some operatives solved this first puzzle just minutes after the drop, they'd better make the next one a lot harder.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers