Trailer for Sims 3 University Life Reenacts Popular Photo Memes

And Reddit doesn't even hate it that much

There's nothing new about marketers trying their hand at popular Internet memes. But Electronic Arts takes a pretty clever stab at it in the new trailer for The Sims 3 University Life expansion pack. The video uses in-game footage of college Sims to reenact the Lazy Senior and College Freshman photo memes, along with two that are less college specific—Overly Attached Girlfriend and the classic Ermahgerd. Over on Reddit, where most meme fodder is generated these days, the response to the trailer has been surprisingly positive, considering the level of hate that gaming Redditors typically reserve for all things EA, which most recently bungled the highly anticipated launch of the new Sim City with insufficient servers. But it's always hard to direct a significant level of rage against The Sims, which has been reveling in self-aware cheesiness for more than a decade.