This Trailer Proves Game of Thrones Would Have Been an Amazing Comedy Flick

Bad Lip Reading imagines Ned Stark's theme park

A year after it became one of the comedy highlights of the 2012 election, you'd think the Bad Lip Reading schtick would be getting old. But you'd be wrong. The series' newest clip, which recasts HBO's ultra-serious Game of Thrones as a comedy film about a medieval theme park, might just be the funniest video the BLR crew's ever made. Be sure to watch it a few times so you'll catch the subtle theme park puns edited into the original show footage. My favorite is at the 40-second mark, where a directional sign points visitors to park areas like Serfin' Safari, Charlemagnia and The Tossed Saladin. But then again, there's never anything funnier than watching Joffrey get punched in the face.