‘Trade Brett!’ ad is a big hit with vandals

Cheeseheads don’t just grumble when you insult Brett Favre. They throw red paint. A “Trade Brett” billboard that went up in Wisconsin this month has been defaced by unknown vandals, ruining what was probably a teaser ad from Topps, the trading card company. (Earlier this spring, a “Trade Barry” ad went up in San Francisco that turned out to be a teaser for Barry Bonds trading cards. This is probably the same deal here.) “We’re pretty upset about it,” a rep at the outdoor ad company says about the vandalism. “That is our property that they’re defacing, and the property of the client.” (What did they expect, though, really?) The rep confirmed that a new message will grace the board in the next few days. “Once they see it, people are going to be like, ‘Aww.’ People need to relax.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd