Toyota’s Cars Are So Safe Today, Its Crash Test Dummies Are Looking for Other Work

Meet Stan, mired in an existential crisis

It’s the plight of the crash test dummy. As automatic safety features on cars improve, life-sized plastic dolls are becoming obsolete, and they’re not happy about it.

So goes the silly but illustrative concept behind a new campaign from Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles. A third ad launching today joins two from April in examining the changing lives of inanimate objects.

The latest spot, shot in the pseudo-documentary interview style of reality television, focuses on Stan, a dummy who’s trying to find a new purpose, now that Toyota’s suite of preventative tech has rendered his old job irrelevant.

He tries to find thrills in all kinds of ways—skydiving, as a CPR dummy, strapping himself to a football blocking sled. Nothing quite compares, though, to barreling into a concrete wall at 35 miles an hour.

The 90-second ad goes a little deeper into the metaphor than the earlier, shorter commercials, which demonstrated the safety selling points through set pieces focused more on actual humans (a pair of scientists testing the features; a couple riding in a car). Those also teased the crash test dummy concept (a break room full of the dolls, dressed like set extras, gets awkward when they overhear a lab coat suggesting they might not be needed).

Toyota’s safety suite—branded “Toyota Safety Sense”—includes computerized tools like collision detection with automatic braking and lane drift detection with corrective steering, which come standard on a number of new 2017 models like the Prius and Corolla.

For someone relegated to the junk pile by those features, Stan is surprisingly willing to sell them. Then again, the whole point is that he’s upbeat about his own demise. And to be fair, he has landed on his feet, in another job benefiting disproportionately from the absence of soft organs—though thankfully, he won’t have to be upright for long.

Toyota Safety Sense & Prius Campaigns

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