Toyota apologizes to ‘great city of Fresno’

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, officials in Fresno, Calif., have taken Toyota to task over the new Prius ad that makes fun of their city. And, for once, Fresno has come out on top. Toyota says it has altered the commercial to remove the reference to Fresno being “a low-budget tourist stop.” On Friday, Toyota vp Irving A. Miller issued an apology “to the great city of Fresno for this commercial.” And in a move that doesn’t bode well for the spot’s creator, agency 22Squared, Miller said, “We have implemented a series of controls that will allow us to monitor future local advertising to prevent this type of error from occurring.” This apparently means someone from the company will now watch an ad before approving it. Or it means Toyota can’t man up and take the heat for its own marketing decisions.

—Posted by David Griner