Tough choice: Canadian TV or no TV at all

If the TV writers stay on strike long enough, many Americans will become more well-read—or so they claim. In a poll fielded by International Communications for Mindshare, 25 percent of respondents said they’ll probably “just read a book or magazine” if their favorite show isn’t available, topping the 13 percent who’ll scrounge around the TV dial and watch “whatever they find.” Meanwhile, an article in the Toronto Star raises the terrifying prospect that Americans will be subjected to Canadian TV shows if the strike leaves U.S. networks short of home-grown material. Among the shows mentioned as possibilities for a strike-bound American market are Little Mosque on the Prairie (which bills itself as “small town Canada with a little Muslim twist”) and Durham County (a big-city detective moves to a quiet Canadian suburb, then suspects a neighbor is a serial killer). Gulp.