The toucan comes to those who wait

ToucansThe pint-balancing Guinness toucan is a resilient bird. Created for Guinness in 1935 by artist John Gilroy of ad agency SH Benson, it has been resurrected time and time again since then. Particularly cool were the J. Walter Thompson posters from the late ’70s and early ’80s, like the top image shown here. (The Guinness Web site has plenty of vintage ads that you can sort through by medium and decade.) The toucan is now back once again, in outdoor ads from Guinness’s current U.K. agency, AMV BBDO in London, promoting the brewer’s claim that all draught Guinness now served in the U.K. is brewed in Ireland. In other Guinness news, AMV’s new TV spots for the brand break this month, and they sound great. (We’re searching for them as we speak.) They reportedly show Guinness drinkers who, as they wait for their pints to settle, evolve backward through time into microscopic creatures in a pool of primordial soup—suggesting that human evolution (at least on the male side) has been driven by little more than the quest for the perfect pint. An earlier tagline, “Good things come to those who wait,” is back, too. And finally, to see one of the greatest ads ever, Guinness’s “Surfer” spot, visit AMV’s site, click on “Ads,” then “TV” and click on the drawing of the pint of Guinness. Here’s to waiting!

—Posted by Tim Nudd