Totino’s Pizza Made 50 Ridiculous Ads Using the World’s Worst Stock Photos

BuzzFeed challenge accepted!

This week's "Uh, what? No, seriously, what?" comes to us from those perpetuators of pizza propaganda, Totino's Pizza. It was just a few weeks ago that Tim & Eric gave us probably the oddest pizza ad ever, and now Totino's is back to inject more weird into the Internet. 

Last spring, BuzzFeed posted a story showing "50 Completely Unexplainable Stock Photos No One Will Ever Use." It was indeed a truly odd collection of head-scratching images. Well, Totino's saw the list and accepted the challenge.

"We obviously had no choice but to use them. Poorly," the brand explains.

Yes, Totino's used all 50 photos to make weird little Totino's ads. Check out the best of them below, and see the whole amazing lot over at the Totino's website.








OMG. Fine.







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