Toronto whacks mayoral hopeful’s mob ads


If there's one thing people of Italian descent tend to dislike, it's Mafia-themed marketing. This hasn't occurred to Toronto mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi, himself an Italian Canadian, whose campaign posters label him a "wise guy" and a "goodfella," and make some uncomfortable references to his "bocce balls." Rossi means no disrespect, but this stunt won't help his already-dismal showing in the polls. The response from Toronto's Italian Canadian community has been largely negative. Good intentions or not, no one who still thinks mob allusions are fresh material should be running a first-world city in 2010. Lucky for us, his chances of winning sleep with the fishes. Rossi should watch the election-night returns at Jack Astor's. They'll be happy to have him. Check out three full print ads after the jump.