Top 10 ads with people dressed up as food

Foodguys Whatever you’re selling, you can’t go wrong if you dress up your actors as food. After the jump, our picks for 10 of the best ads featuring people in food costumes.

—Posted by Tim Nudd


10. ESPN, The Eggsuit. One of only two ads on the list that aren’t selling a food item (or a chewing gum). It’s a spoof ESPN ad for the Eggsuit, a flashy piece of apparel designed to give you a “well-rounded” golf swing.

9. Burger King, The Whopperettes. This commercial underwhelmed viewers during the 2006 Super Bowl, but the hamburger woman with the beef skirt is genius.

8. Pepsi, Dog Meets Can. This one is cheating a little bit, as the actors aren’t meant to portay actual food but rather people dressed as food giving out fliers. Heartwarming.

7. Burger King, The Whopper Jr. This fairly new ad doesn’t waste time getting to the punch line. “I wish I’d never been broiled!” screams the ungrateful Whopper Jr.

6. Domino’s, Fudgems. Like it or not, this Domino’s brownie leaves his mark wherever he goes. Has been referred to publicly as “a furry cube of feces.”

5. Snapple, Fruit Relations. Good fruits visit the Fruit Academy and are saved from going bad on the streets. Soccer skills questionable.

4. Holiday Inn Express, Cinnamon Bun. Likely a high point for this actor’s career. Go go go go go!

3. Eclipse gum, Onion. “Dead onion says what?” They could have spent more on the special effects. Satisfying nonetheless.

2. 7Up, Hamburger. The oldest (from 1972) and probably weirdest ad on the list. A hamburger visits a tailor, looking for something that will go with his sesame-seed bun and still look OK with his cheese. He gets 7Up. Creepy voice, too.

1. Fruit of the Loom, “Blue.” Also cheating, as it’s more of a music video than a commercial. Still, guys dressed as fruit never sounded so good.