Toothless Girl Just Wants You to Smile in New Ad for ‘The Sun’

Winter joy from Grey London

Grey London has followed up last summer's great commercial for The Sun with this ad in which a little girl with a mouth like an old hockey player (her missing teeth, I mean, not her language) sings about how much the winter sucks after the holidays, and urges people to "smile through the pain" by indulging in the newspaper's range of sponsored bargains, dubbed the Big Smile Giveaway. The ad is a bit cloying, despite the girl's intensity. (Also, what on earth is she even saying?) But the related "Smile Squads," which are spreading good cheer across Britain by paying people's highway tolls and buying them tea, sound kind of awesome. Can we import them to America? Winter might be cold and austere in England, but at least they don't have to deal with crap like this, too.