Tom Green tries rapping/blogging career

Tomgreen2In case you were wondering what happened to him, Tom Green has become a rapper/blogger. The former MTV shock comedian has a new album coming out called Prepare for Impact, which features such songs as “My Bum Is on Ya Lips,” “I’m an Idiot” and “I Like Hooters.” (Sample lyrics: “I like naked ladies!/I like making babies!/I want to make them with girls all around the world!/I like to go to Hooters.” We’re guessing Hooters didn’t pay for that.) Green also has a blog. Perhaps thinking that no one would be interested, Green made the mistake of posting his personal cell-phone number—(310) 717-1919. We tried the number—but the mailbox is currently full. “It’s neat,” Green writes, “because you see how long it takes for the phone to start ringing. About two minutes or so after the post. It hasn’t stopped since.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd