Tofu again gets kicked while it’s down

You may have read that anti-fur activists hit Vogue editor Anna Wintour with a tofu pie over the weekend as she was attending the Paris fashion shows. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said it was retaliation for Vogue’s refusal to run an anti-fur ad from PETA, even as the magazine continues running ads for fur.) Some of you will feel sorry for Ms. Wintour; others will reserve your pity for the furry creatures whose demise she supposedly abets. But AdFreak extends its sympathies to the tofu industry, whose product has suffered yet another jolt of negative publicity. Already, tofu is associated in the public mind with aging hippies and dreary vegetarian co-ops. It’s the Semi-Official Food of Recreational Leftism, the stuff anti-globalists ingest for a burst of energy before going out to trash the nearest Starbucks. And now (for the second time this year, actually) it’s linked to loopy characters in the animal-rights movement. Clearly, tofu needs a multimillion-dollar ad campaign to establish its bona fides as a respectable food for normal people. Product placement in the right sort of movie wouldn’t hurt, either. If an action-adventure hero chowed down on tofu before going out to mow down a bunch of bad guys, for instance, consumers would be less likely to consign it to the dietary fringes. (Just a suggestion.)

—Posted by Mark Dolliver

Photo: PETA