Today’s Weird Idea From the Future: Ads That Want to Kiss You

Japanese scientists hook up sensors to digital displays

Good news, awkward fanboys! Japanese scientists are working around the clock to make digital ads interactive enough that you can make out with them. Keidai Ogawa, a researcher at Keio University who is obsessed with his country's pop idols, has outfitted digital posters of them with ultrasound sensors that change the image to a kissy-kissy face as you approach. He's also working on getting the displays to recognize "the scent of shampoo on the hair [and] lemon-flavored film on the lip regions." How to make any of this even halfway acceptable in public is, of course, a problem all its own—the ramifications of this technology are both undignified and unsanitary. After all, who wants to catch mouth herpes from a Nicki Minaj poster in the DC Metro? Via PSFK.