Today in PETA Promises: Steamier Sex, and Avoiding Accidental Death, When You Go Vegan

Meat eater fares poorly in this showdown

Feeling perhaps that their previous advertising efforts were too subtle, PETA's new "Last Longer" spot shows people having sex to highlight an upside to the vegan lifestyle: Avoiding various health risks that lead to erectile dysfunction. 

The spot is filmed in split-screen, showing the dissolution of a meat-eating couple (one of whom possibly dies after being hit by a falling air-conditioning unit) on one side, and a vegan couple in the throes of rather explicit passion on the other. Each couple is helpfully labeled, although we're sure the vegan couple would have told us eventually. 

This ad pushes PETA into full-blown morality play territory, and the usual defense—that they're being controversial in the service of important issues—holds less water every time they do stuff like this. (While many vegans will argue for the sex benefits of their diet, just as many sources point to research indicating that soy, a common vegan staple, is linked to erectile dysunction anyway. If you're worried about the working condition of your magic stick, the things people do seem to agree on is generally avoiding high-cholesterol foods and eating more fruit.)

If PETA is comfortable being seen as a mishmash of self-righteous propagandists, then so be it, but they're officially hurting their cause at this point. And their patently absurd claim that they wanted to run this on Super Bowl 50, but were turned down, doesn't help either. 

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