TNT’s Electromagnetic Billboard Enthralls Passersby

44,000 spinning dots can't be wrong

Here's the latest for the nifty-gadgetry file—a billboard digitally rigged by agency Breakfast in New York to flip 44,000 analog pixels from black to white and back, silhouetting the movements of passersby in real time and revealing single-word clues from TNT's crime drama Perception. The visual effect is meant to emulate the ability of the show's code-cracking protagonist to pull anagrams out of bodies of text. That tie-in may be a bit tricky for busy city-folk to pick up on the fly, but the technology and ticker stylization are pretty damn cool and plenty more attention-grabbing than your average pasteboard. The billboard also emits sound that's apparently quite stunning, too. For anyone who wants to go play with it, it's at 6th Avenue and 32nd Street in Manhattan. Check out TNT's video about the board below, and a couple of behind-the-scenes videos after the jump.

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