TNT Ambushes Holland With Another Crazy ‘Dramatic Surprise’ Stunt

Sequel to second most-shared ad ever

TNT had a gargantuan success with its "Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square" video, posted to YouTube last April. The clip—which showed a Belgian village square erupting in intricately choreographed chaos (in the style of TV dramas) when bystanders pushed a red button—went on to become the second most-shared ad of all time, trailing only Volkswagen's "The Force." Now, with TNT launching in Holland, the network has launched a sequel: "A Dramatic Surprise on an Ice-Cold Day."

It's basically the same idea as the original, with a few wrinkles. This time, the victims are abducted from the square and taken to a mysterious location near a dingy parking garage, where all sorts of drama unfolds involving prisoners, riot police and at least one Elvis impersonator. The abduction part makes it seem likely that the victims here are actors, too, although the clip on the whole is entertaining enough. It's hard to see it replicating the original's view counts, but you never know. People are suckers for this stuff.

Via Unruly Media.

The original: