Tiny Billboards for Ant-Man Are Popping Up That Ants Are Really Going to Love

Bringing out-of-home down to size

There's something irresistible about tiny billboards.

We've seen them before, of course—for example, there was this LittleBigPlanet campaign from 2008 and this Lego stunt from 2012. And now, the upcoming superhero film Ant-Man is joining the parade, with ant-size billboards popping up in several Australian cities ahead of that country's July 16 release of the movie.

There's even an ant-size bus shelter with an ad on the side.

Check out more images below, via Screencrush and This Is Film.

For its next stunt, the studio might want to enlist the World Wildlife Fund's horde of leaf-cutter ants to parade the film's tagline around.