Time to vote for the NFL’s best ad idea

For reasons that are obscure to me, because I’ve gone on record about my feelings surrounding football, I stopped by the Super Bowl XLI site today to discover that the NFL is down to 12 finalists in its “Best NFL Super Bowl Commercial Ever. Seriously.” competition. And they want folks like us to vote. No, I can’t really relate, but after a knee-jerk analysis I went for Gino, aka Pitch #5. To vote, go here and watch the 12 pitches, which are at least amusing because you get a feel for what people really think advertising is all about. Leprechauns, an excess of Don Cheadle, and of course, Mike Ditka—they all figure into the ideas from the finalists. The site doesn’t say when voting ends, but, strangely, the NFL also doesn’t quite promise it will shoot the winning concept. The copy says, “The winning pitch may be made into a Super Bowl commercial … ”—and here I thought being a star in the NFL required some commitment.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor