Time Turned the Year’s Hottest Tech Into the Year’s Dumbest Cover, and Parody Is Rampant

Poor Palmer Luckey

OculusVR founder Palmer Luckey is one of the tech industry's brightest rising stars—a fact Time tried but ridiculously failed to capture on its newest cover.

As you can see above, Luckey is shown in mid … uh, jump? Stumble? Rapturous epiphany? The only things viewers can tell for sure is that he's been Photoshopped in front of a beach and that he looks ridiculous. (UPDATE: Time emailed us, not to defend the cover, but merely to point out that he was photographed in front of a backdrop at Facebook's headquarters and wasn't Photoshopped.)

And it's not just the image drawing heckles from tech enthusiasts. The story's intro is cringe-inducingly awful at a time when most people have stopped seeing nerds as socially worthless outcasts:

"Palmer Luckey isn't like other Silicon Valley nerds," the article begins. "He's a nerd all right, but not the kind who went to a top-ranked university, wrote brilliant code or studied business plans. He's cheery and talks in normal sentences that are easy to understand."

It's doubtful that all this is just artful baiting of the Reddit crowd, but had it been, the results would likely have been the same. Photoshop has been working overtime today as many took up the challenge to make Luckey (and Time) look even more silly:

But perhaps this un-Photoshopped take was the cruelest cut of all:

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