Time of Potter theme-park reveal is revealed

If you're a parent of a small child, you're probably aware that the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park at Universal Studios is slated to open sometime this spring. Well, now Universal has released this behind-the-scenes trailer, which shows a glimpse of the rides being made—and also reveals the exact date and time when muggles will find out when the park will open: Thursday, March 25, at noon ET. That's right, it's a trailer to announce the time when you'll find out the time it will open. I'd laugh, except it's necessary. When I told my sister, mother to two young Potterphiles and generally upstanding citizen, that I was headed to Orlando in two weeks, she asked if I could "swing by" Universal and find out the date it would open. I told her it would probably be posted on the Web site, but she suggested I go to the park, thwart the security, slip around the barrier and find out early. This thing is going to be big.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers