Time to make a splash

AquafinalogoSo it’s New Year’s Eve, and you’re out at a party. You’re missing Dick Clark a little, and generally feeling a tad emotional about riding our turning blue planet across time’s invisible line, as Robert D. McFadden once put it. So, as midnight nears, you drag your friends into the kitchen, reach into the fridge and pull out …

A six-pack of Aquafina?

First, Aquafina had that commercial set in a pub, where everyone seemed to be getting plastered on water. Now it’s attaching itself to the sloshiest night of the year—putting up a billboard in Times Square as part of a big New Year’s Eve campaign by BBDO, including sponsorship of MTV’s Iced Out New Year’s Eve 2005 (see the second item down in this story).

Will water replace alcohol as the beverage of choice to “make your body happy”? Of course not, despite what Matt Sussman says in this humorous column. But the tongue-in-cheek aspect of BBDO’s strategy is, well, clean and refreshing. Just limit yourself to two or three bottles this Friday.

—Posted by Tim Nudd