‘Time’ Magazine Cover Turned Into Apocalyptic ‘Call of Duty’ Ad

Some suspected that Time magazine would unleash an apocalyptic cover one day soon—trumpeting its own demise. Few dreamed, however, that the weekly's red-framed front held much attraction as a promotional vehicle to reach young male gamers. And yet here we are, faced with a Time headline that reads "World Stands on the Brink," set against the backdrop of a war-torn Wall Street and bomb-scarred New York Stock Exchange. The mock-up will be offered as a gift for those who preorder Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which depicts a conflict set two decades hence. Time calls this an attempt to put itself "where the boys are." Some Web commenters have branded the effort a sellout. One party-pooper pouts: "This whole thing is consumerism and advertising at its worst, thinly veiled by the bogus guise of 'reaching an untapped demographic.'" Another tweaks the news biz: "I like the idea that a magazine can still come out after the apocalypse. Guess journalists were left behind, huh? Oops, wrong apocalypse, my bad." Listen, pal, someone has to close down the bars! Full cover after the jump.