This time, it’s not a miracle. It’s an ad.

Jesus2_1 If you see the face of Jesus in your pint glass, chances are you’ve had one too many. But with Jesus sightings on the rise (at least on eBay), a U.K. group called the Churches Advertising Network is making faux miracles the centerpiece of a new ad campaign aimed at young would-be Christians. The idea is that people do, in fact, find Jesus anywhere and everywhere—and not just burnt into old grilled cheeses. “Where will you find him?” is the tag. The campaign includes posters, radio spots and a MySpace page. Says a CAN rep: “We want the campaign to spark discussion about God, and we think these ads—both the posters and radio campaign—will help do that. People may not talk openly about their beliefs, but we hope they will discuss them online at MySpace.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd