Time to get cracking on that potato patch

Everyone wants to know what the economic downturn tsunami cataclysm apocalypse will mean for the average consumer. Ed Cotton of Butler Shine Stern & Partners takes a crack at it with an interesting list of what comes next after we wake up to a tough truth: that the era of high living on cheap credit is over. Cotton proposes some brands that could benefit—software like Quicken for budget planning, stores like Costco for bulk-buying 80-ounce jars of mayo and Home Depot/Lowe’s for DIY home improvement, etc. As David Burn at AdPulp notes, though, Cotton’s most intriguing thing to watch is the rise of a grow-your-own-food movement. The part that shocked me was this stat: Americans have an average of $50,000 of annual food production potential on their properties today. Really? I’m a New York City apartment dweller, so count me out (beyond some basil in the window sill). $50K? Forget about the coupon clipping—get planting, people!

—Posted by Brian Morrissey