Time to dust off that old cow costume

Cowday It seems that the success of Chik-fil-A’s “Eat mor chikin” ads has prompted a fit of creative insanity within the company. The “Chikin” campaign, which revels in misspellings (cows, after all, aren’t expected to know any better), has now inspired something called Cow Appreciation Day. This Friday, Chik-fil-A customers who come dressed as cows will be rewarded with a free breakfast, lunch or dinner combo meal. More fast-food companies should do things like this. McDonald’s could give free meals to customers dressed as clowns, and larger prizes for homegrown publicity stunts, like a four-armed Grimace busting up a picket line. And Wendy’s could sponsor counseling services for any guy who comes in dressed as their prepubescent, apple-cheeked mascot.

—Posted by David Kiefaber