Tiger Energy Drink’s Miniature Feline Spokesman Really Wants You to Get Laid, Bro

Also, you should play in the mud

These new ads for Polish energy drink Tiger start out boring, and then get weird very, very quickly. Run-of-the-mill bar, party and music-festival scenes quickly devolve into young men receiving pep talks from a tiny, hand-held jungle cat on how not to be a total wuss. Apparently, it was a technical feat to get the tiger, animated by Platige in New York, to display the right mix of feline and human characteristics—and it's true, he does look pretty awesome. But if he were a person, he'd still be that friend who's trying to live vicariously through you, by constantly telling you exactly what you should do to get the girl, even though he clearly has no idea what he's talking about. Agency: DDB Warsaw

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