Tiffany’s Gorgeous New Ad Tells Many Love Stories but Asks Only One Question

Will you?

A gay couple appears in this Tiffany & Co. spot from Ogilvy & Mather featuring various duos on the brink—or in the process—of getting engaged. (A print ad from the jeweler featuring a different same-sex couple broke a month ago.)

Part of the jeweler's "Will You?" campaign, it's a sweet spot, in tune with the times, celebrating diversity and true love as simple facts life. (The 75-second ad shows an interracial couple, too.) According to the client, the campaign acknowledges the "variety of forms" found in modern romance, and positions its rings as "the first sentence of the story that a couple will write together."

The progressive campaign has generated lots of mostly positive media play—Miley Cyrus called it "badass"—though some critics say it doesn't push the envelope enough, while others take Tiffany to task for casting only attractive couples.

Societal issues aside, the spot shines in its attention to the daily details of affection: sharing a quiet drink or private joke, making gentle fun of a parter's foibles, fixing the buttons on a lover's shirt. Such scenes remind us of the priceless commitment a Tiffany ring represents.

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