The tide turns

Beach and surfing ad themes should be off limits for a while following the devastation brought on by the Asian tsunami. (Though we could have sworn that during last night’s two-hour season premiere of 24, there was a commercial from someone featuring a lot of displaced water. And though we didn’t catch the advertiser, we did see enough to think it in bad taste.)

But in respect to the victims of the disaster, advertisers are largely showing their sensitive side. Pepsi last week halted plans to break a new commercial featuring David Beckham playing soccer on a beach with a wave crashing behind him. And an American Express ad with surfer Laird Hamilton has also been pulled.

On the flip side, over the weekend former Presidents Bush and Clinton appeared in PSAs urging Americans to give to tsunami relief efforts. They asked people to go to this link for a list of places to donate. And we’re doing the same.

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis and Catharine P. Taylor