Throat-Hole Guy simply refuses to go away

My friend Cathy recently IMd me to say that our favorite anti-smoking spokesman, Throat-Hole Guy, is back on TV with vengeance. You remember him—getting his throat hole swabbed, talking with the electronic voice box, complaining that he can’t swim, etc. Now, he just scares the bejesus out of anyone who’s considering having a smoke. Let’s face it, scare tactics can work, and they’re a tried-and-true tactic of anti-vice campaigns. I remember reconsidering my adolescent fling with Skoal after seeing ads with an ex-baseball player and dip aficionado who’d had his jaw removed. Not so pretty. Anyway, Throat-Hole Guy is surely delighted (in a monotone kind of way) to be back. But he might have a new rival soon in the fight against societal health scourges. It seems that troubled rocker Amy Winehouse is worried about her nose falling off because she’s Hoovered too many lines over the years. Amy is a bit blasé about the idea of being noseless: "Yeah, it’s a problem, but it’s my problem, so leave it," she reportedly told a friend. Watch out, THG, a celebrity missing a nose would up the ante.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey