Three Olives would like to see your ‘O-face’

Three Olives Vodka, aka Three-O, takes the prize for least subtle headline of the week with the offering shown here: "What's your cherry O-face?" The ad is part of a larger "What's your O-face?" campaign that's launching in March from New York boutique agency Agent 16. Elwyn Gladstone, vp of marketing at Three Olives parent Proximo, says the new creative direction springs from the excitement over the brand's unusual flavors, like cherry, grape and root beer. "The Three-O flavor range has become the benchmark amongst flavored vodkas for its wild, surprising and intense taste experience. These findings are reflected in the powerful imagery of the new campaign, featuring a series of models showing delight at the stunning array of shockingly delicious Three-O Vodka flavors and asking readers 'What's your O-face?' " There's also a contest that's liable to end badly: "Consumers will be invited to upload their picture and ultimately create their own O-face ad with the hopes of winning a cash prize of $10,000 and becoming part of the next O-face campaign." Expect lots of people like Drew from Office Space to take part.

—Posted by Tim Nudd