Those Bizarre Ads on Brooklyn Buildings Are Actually Marketing for Colossal Media

Fun fakery from a shop that hand paints its projects

Faced with the task of marketing itself, Colossal Media has gone big and deliciously cheesy with giant fake ads popping up on the sides of buildings in Brooklyn, N.Y. 

It's a familiar canvas for the outdoor ad painter, which is based in Brooklyn and works for the likes of Stella Artois, Comedy Central, Vans and Red Bull. Each house ad—created with help from another Brooklyn shop, Doubleday & Cartwright—includes a phone number (1-844-COL-OSAL), which connects to a gravelly voiced and, at times, profane message about Colossal.

Perhaps the most absurd (and effective?) ad resembles a missed-connection poster and aims to reunite a bespectacled nerd in a plaid sweater with a woman he saw "sipping Kombucha by the L train." Why? Because they share the same hairstyle, they wear the same cut of Levi's, and he wants to paint her. Sounds like a perfectly good justification for a 40-foot-wide ad on a brick building in Williamsburg.

Below are some other executions provided by the agency:





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