This Unsettling Line of Baby Products Was Designed for Newborns Facing Opioid Withdrawal

The inventions aren't real, but the problem certainly is

From a feeding spoon that doubles as a morphine injector to a bottle fitted with respirator, these fake products highlight an opioid-induced health crisis. Urgent Love Initiative
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Many of us have seen the devastating toll of opioid addiction and withdrawal on adults, who are statistically likely to relapse eight times before escaping the drug’s hold. But picturing such an ordeal being faced by a newborn is an image so heartbreaking, we can hardly process it.

To help visualize this unimaginably heartbreaking issue, agency Grey New York and the Roanoke-based Urgent Love Initiative have created a fictional line of baby products called Opi’s, tailored to the needs of newborns struggling with opioid withdrawal inherited from addicted mothers.

Through its website at and the introduction video below, the campaign aims to get more people thinking about how opioid abuse affects pregnancies, infant health and childhood development. The campaign used customized social accounts and influencer outreach to spread the message through the attention-grabbing visuals.

The group behind the campaign, Urgent Love, aims to erase stigmas around substance abuse and spark open, community-wide dialogue about opioids and the resources available for treatment.

“Most addicted mothers who need this treatment have no help available to them, or no money to pay for it,” says Nancy Hans, executive director of The Prevention Council of Roanoke County and co-founder of the Urgent Love Initiative. “By launching Opi’s, we hope to raise awareness, raise desperately needed funding to help mothers before they wind up in a situation where they’re having a child while addicted to opioids, and ensure their postpartum path forward remains drug-free.”


Prevention Council of Roanoke County
Robert Natt – President
Nancy Hans – Executive Director
Walt Boyle – Urgent Love Initiative

Grey NY
John Patroulis – Worldwide Chief Creative Officer
Joe Mongognia – Executive Creative Director
Brett Simone – Associate Creative Director
Lillian O’Connor – Associate Creative Director
Abigail Hoeflinger – Copywriter
Alyssa Gaddis – Art Director
Marie Massat – SVP, Account Director
Kenny Gold – SVP, Director Social Media
Bryce Mathias – Social Strategist
Finn Leslie – Senior Content Architect
Laura Konopack – SVP, Account Director Activation
Brian Lai – Designer
Mauricio Ruiz – Creative Technologist
Owen Dougherty – Chief Communications Officer
Graham Nolan – SVP, Director, Reputation Management
Bruce McDonald – VP, Executive Producer
Samantha Alvarado – Integrated Producer

Tool of North America
Ryan Hawthorne – Lead 3D Artist
Adam Baskin – Director of Innovation

Yawn Moon
Seth Williamson – President / Prop Design

Michael Sapienza – Executive Producer
Thomas Brink – Video photographer
Chase Wagner – Video photographer, Assistant Editor
Bob Sobol – Print Producer / Comp Artist
Jose Gonzalez – Print Producer / Comp Artist

Cosmo Street
Marlo Caine – Editor
Kyle Moriarty – Assistant Editor

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