This Spoken Word Film Is a Prodigious Potpourri of Poop Puns

#GirlsDoPoop aggressively dumps the shame

Do I have a story for you. Poo-Pourri
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It’s been five years since Poo-Pourri dropped its mother lode—that would be its odor-fighting bathroom product—via the now famous video, “Girls Don’t Poop,” a gut-busting ode to scatological humor that quickly went viral. (Sequels ensued).

The title was (is) misleading, of course, as the lovely ginger spokeswoman, Bethany Woodruff, described in potty-mouthed but SFW detail while sitting on the john.

But gals could pretend, with the help of Poo-Pourri, that they were immune to normal bodily functions, the commercial promised. Or at least they weren’t going to break up a party, ruin a relationship or spoil a family dinner with their stench.

It was all about discretion.

But the tide has turned, and the brand is “taking a shift—a big shift,” according to its latest campaign announcement. “It’s time to dump the shame and fully embrace that #GirlsDoPoop.”

The centerpiece of the new work is a spoken word video starring poet-activist Andrea Gibson with “a message that the world needed to hear,” the brand said, namely that 2018 is the year to “start a movement, a bowel movement, away from worry, shame and doubt. Don’t hold that crap in. Push that shit out.”

The brand has dropped the direct-sell message but kept the pun-heavy humor intact, adding a dose of trend-right fempowerment.

“It’s society’s dupe that girls don’t poop,” Gibson says. “That’s constipation of the mind. That kind of thinking is behind.”

A Poo-Pourri executive initially came up with the idea, testing out her rap about bathroom inequities on her colleagues. That turned into #GirlsDoPoop, in which Gibson rallies women to “sit down, stand up, and own your throne.”

As a companion, there’s a series of testimonials from six women who let loose about their real-life shit shows that involve Secret Service details, a future mother-in-law, taxis rides from hell and Manhattan high-rise elevators.

Let’s just say that a whole vat of Poo-Pourri wouldn’t have saved their asses. And the brand is betting that these unfortunate souls aren’t the only ones who’ve suffered from such intestinal malfunctions.

Have a story like that? Do share, the brand says, putting out the call for other embarrassing tales. And since they’ve endeared themselves through their cheeky advertising once again, chances are the floodgates will open.


Director: Arianna LaPenne
Production Company: Goodstory Films
Executive Producers: Susan Horn Toffler & Paula Cohen
Producer: Tara Dolack Hoffman
Director of Photography: Adam Uhl
Production Design: Mark Newell and Katie Amrita
Post Production: Treehouse

Brittany – The Stairwell Sh*t
Caroline – The Car Sh*t
Hannah – The One-Night-Stand Shit
Kelley – The Elevator Sh*t
Leah – The Secret Service Sh*t
Maryann – The Meet The Family Sh*t

Spoken Word:
Written by Nicole Story & Andrea Gibson
Performed by Andrea Gibson
Directed by Nicole Story & Dixie Dixon
Produced by See Pictures

@TLStanleyLA T.L. Stanley is a senior editor at Adweek, where she specializes in consumer trends, cannabis marketing, meat alternatives, pop culture, challenger brands and creativity.