This Bank’s Mobile App Shows That Payback Doesn’t Have to Be a You-Know-What

Pranks filled with sweet, silly revenge

Payback is a ... bunch of chickens?

When you borrow money from friends, always pay them back in a timely fashion — or else they might pay you back, as it were, in some especially nasty ways.

Watch this amusingly mean-spirited spot by TDA introducing FirstBank’s Zelle mobile payments app to see what can happen when the chickens literally come to roost:

Slippers nailed to the floor. Powder inside a hairdryer. A confetti car bomb. Hens overrunning your office.

In and of themselves, any of these pranks would be extremely annoying, to say the least. But, apparently, your friends have devised a way to make them even worse, by forcing you to experience the discomfort and humiliation in cinematic slow motion, with ominous something-baaad’s-gonna-happen music blaring in your ears!

Compellingly directed by Arts & Sciences’ Adam Brodie and Dave Derewlany, the ad manages to tread a fine line. It’s edgy enough to catch viewers’ attention, with broad humor diluting the sense of menace.

Actually, the stuff shown here isn’t all that upsetting when you consider that financial institutions and corporate lenders often punish folks in far scarier ways. Compared with a ruined credit rating and the like, a face full of talcum or freshly feathered desk don’t seem so bad.


Agency: TDA Boulder
ECD/CW: Jonathan Schoenberg
CDs: Jeremy Seibold, Alex Rice
AD: Ande Eich
CW: Zola Owsley
Sr. Project Mgr.: Kate Osborne
Integrated Producer: Alex Sheridan
Account Exec.: Martha Powers

Prod. Co./Post: Arts & Sciences, West Hollywood
Directors: Adam Brodie, Dave Derewlany (“Adam & Dave”)
D.P.: Ben Martenson
Head of Production: Christa Skotland
Producer: Pat Harris
Post Dir.: Lennon Barnica
Managing Director: Mal Ward
Managing Partner: Marc Marie

Editorial: Ming Studios, Boulder
Editor: Bryce Harvey

Sound: Lime Studios, Santa Monica, Calif.
Engineer: Jeff Malen

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