Think Twice Before Foursquaring That Stranger, Say AIDS Ads

Who checked in before you?

McCann Worldgroup Helsinki reminds you to check yourself before you wreck yourself with a stranger, because you don't know who checked in before you. The spots, for the AIDS Council, cleverly play off our fondness for social-media check-ins. The spot aimed at men draws you in with some seductive making out, and then, just as her panties are about to come off, a Google Maps popup appears that says, "Ryan Smith and 19 others were here," right over the lady's crotch. Not classy, but point taken. The ad aimed at women places the popup over the dude's crotch, and now the number of partners has increased: "Cathy Mills and 34 others were here." Curious that the creative team decided to list the male with more partners, but whatev. The main problem I see is that the ads play off fear and contribute to the stigma of sexual promiscuity. We should take care to remember that while your number of partners may increase your chances of getting an STD, it only takes one. Or none, if you're born positive. So really, there's no excuse for not wearing a rain jacket. Even if you're the undisputed mayor of her vagina.