Think Tank 3 recognizes Jewish boxers

In a week when Muhammad Ali has had more going on than at any time since the Atlanta Olympics, Think Tank 3, best known to AdFreak readers as one of the few agencies that understands search advertising, says it’s launching an art exhibit at its New York offices (447 Hudson Street) devoted to Jewish boxers. And we don’t mean boxers as in shorts. According to an e-mail we got from the agency, “When people think about famous boxers they don’t usually think of Jews. Yet between 1910 and 1940 there were 27 Jewish world champions, and for years, working-class Jewish immigrants were the sport’s dominant ethnic group.” The show, which runs from Jan. 25 to March 15, features works by Charles Miller, a Brooklyn-born artist. For those who keep tabs on such things, he’s also the husband of Amy Sohn.