Think Different? Apple's Latest iPhone Commercial Suggests Doing the Opposite

Billions of photos taken

Sometimes Apple's demo spots for the iPhone are charming; other times they can feel cold. The recent ones, with the rapid-fire word jumbles and cheerleader-style chants, had an odd, rah-rah vibe to them, which came across as sterile (a danger within Apple's already minimalist environment of purely imagined space). Coincidentally or not, TBWAMedia Arts Lab goes all warm and fuzzy in its latest iPhone spot, "Photos Every Day," which leaves the stark white background behind and reenters the real world. With a quiet piano playing, the 60-second ad shows scene after scene of people using their iPhones to take photos—of their friends, of their family, of nature, of themselves. The spot subtly demonstrates some product features (cropping, zooming, taking panoramic shots) but mostly shows people, and lives being lived. Likewise, the voiceover at the end is broader than usual: "Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera." Apple doesn't often use this line of argument—that you should do something because everyone's doing it. (Through most of its history Apple said the opposite—that you should do something because no one's doing it.) But that's Apple now—no need to think different if the best product happens to be the market leader. And the evocative tone of the latest spot is striking a chord. It's the first Apple ad in a while to top 1 million views on YouTube. Credits below.