They had seven kids, but now it’s all over

Classmates Sad news on the home front today, as one of the most celebrated marriages from’s ad campaign—that of the bowl-haircutted, Harry Potterish girl and her dashing, out-of-her-league boy, a union that reportedly produced seven offspring—appears to have ended. (Catch Up Lady, who tipped us off to the developments, calls the couple Chip and Marge.) It looks like Chip has now shacked up with a trampy blond girl who belongs in a Whitesnake video. But don’t worry—Marge has moved on, too. Her new beau doesn’t have a name, but he looks like the camera caught him mid-Anchorman quote. Let’s hope Chip and Marge find happiness with their new mates, or at least give us details about the rebound sex in the alumni newsletter.

—Posted by David Kiefaber