These Outlandish Aliens Getting Ecommerce Deals Is the Spaciest of Oddities

France's Cdiscount gets cosmic, and kind of weird

Hello, earthlings. CDiscount

The animated space creatures featured in Cdiscount’s latest campaign are absolutely over the moon about the French ecommerce site.

In the first spot below, we travel to Xylodon 228—“the planet where nuttin’ happens, nada”—until a bored life-form orders some “lit stuff” from Cdiscount:

Dude, it’s time to move out of your folks’ place and find your own galaxy, far far away.

Next, a blogging beastie gets bummed when she breaks her new smartphone:

In space, everyone can hear her scream. (And it’s strange how these interstellar languages sound precisely like French!)

Rosapark created the ads to celebrate Cdiscount’s twentieth year on Earth, drawing inspiration from Star Wars and other sci-fi tropes to target 18-25 year-olds on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

“The biggest challenge was to find equilibrium between the characters’ voices and physical appearance—something deliberately disruptive, but still credible,” says agency creative director and co-founder Gilles Fichteberg.

The team filmed the voiceover artists recording their lines, using the actors’ inflections, expressions and movements to inform the aliens’ quirky personalities.

According to Fichteberg, “We had to tell them to tone it down a bit, as it was easy to get carried away.”

Yeah, that can happen when you’re performing the rap music of the spheres.


Client: Cdiscount
Managing Director: Farid Jehan
Brand & Loyalty Director: Christel Longatte
Brand and Media Strategy Director: Florent Guitbert
Brant Business Manager: Maud Panzuti

Agency: Rosapark
Co-founders: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg et Jean-François Sacco
Creative Directors: Gilles Fichteberg & Jean-François Sacco
Strategic Planner: François Peretti
Advising Director: Hicham Ghazaoui
Account Manager: Marion Lasselin
Copywriter: Naïm Souilem
Art Director: Robin Lassalle
Head of Digital Strategy: Jeanne Neuschwander
Social Media Manager: Charlotte Giraud
TV Producers: Camille Toïgo & Thomas Laurent

Director: Boddicker
Production: Eddy
Producer: Jean-François Bourrel
Studio: Brunch
Production Director: Fabien Cellier
Sound Studio: Schmooze

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