These Intimate, Globe-Spanning iPad Ads are Apple’s Best in a Long While

The tablet as collaborator, not computer

Apple updates its "Your Verse" iPad campaign with a pair of gorgeous 60-second spots focused on the tablet's ability to facilitate music creation and help users travel the globe.

One ad presents London Philharmonic conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen as he uses an iPad to compose, while the other follows hearing impaired writer Cherie King as she visits Iceland, Morocco and locales in Asia.

After a year in which Apple struggled somewhat to find its advertising voice, this latest iteration of "Your Verse" finds the tech giant and its longtime agency, TBWA\Media Arts Lab, in fine form. The work does a great job positioning the iPad as a vital extension of each user's aspirations and an indispensable partner in helping them achieve their goals.

Salomen's iPad isn't merely a tablet. It becomes his collaborator and confidant, allowing him to capture inspiration and perfect passages in cabs, the park, at the train station—anywhere. Meanwhile, King's iPad is her traveling companion, providing instant information to help her find her way, communicate with locals and share experiences.

Apple never hits you over the head with its message, but the notion that Salonen and King wouldn't want to be without their iPads is conveyed through compelling images and edits. Unlike earlier "Your Verse" spots, there's no narration. None's required. The action on screen carries the storytelling in a smooth, natural way.

Those wishing to explore further can visit Apple's "Your Verse" page, which features robust content about Salonen and King, as well as others stars of the campaign. Special iTunes pages showcase the apps on display, including Orchestra, which Salonen created.