These Blatantly Racist and Fat-Shaming Ads Aren’t as Evil as They Seem

A new spin on stereotypes and wage gaps

Do black people and fat people deserve to earn less money than skinny white people? 

Well, no, but the arguments in favor of such a wage gap are somewhat entertaining in two new spots from, a Belgian organization whose mission is to raise awareness about equal pay for … another demographic. (You can probably guess where this is going, but we won't spoil the surprise.)

The comparison certainly isn't perfect, and this tactic likely won't win over many who are unconcerned with the real wage gap at issue. It also probably won't go over too well with people who earnestly do feel held back in their careers because of their race or weight. But with ads so joyously sarcastic, it's hard to hold too much of a grudge.

Via Creative Criminals.

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